Sunday, January 29, 2006

Why Panthers Count

We at CodePink refer to the men folk as Pink Panthers...and let me tell you that without their support and help, we would be s.o.l. on many of our hair-brained ideas. Thanks to Brian we have a place to put up one of our pretty, lacy and oh-so-sexy pink slips that subtly and oh-so-provocatively states: PINK SLIP BUSH. OK, so its not so subtle a message- but it's still pink and lacy---that's got to count for something! And then, tonight, Pete comes to our rescue to help us secure a roof top for another slip (all happening on Tuesday's Disgrace of the Nation action). We have George, Ted and Frank always standing in the lurches, waiting with their trucks, arms and bodies (oooh we like that part!). We have Bob and Greg gifting us with their special tools, (yes, I wrote that) and helping us whenever they can and Dave, don't forget Dave! Dave is solid and as sweet as they come. We have Duane and Richard offering up their vast minds and hearts and we have our generous John, talented Mark and smiling Keith (he even looks good in pink) and Bill, always looking out for us.

CodePink SLO would not get half their actions done without the help of the big, furry and wonderful panthers who get it. They get that war is not sexy or smart. They understand the deep ramifications of being a nation at war. They have sons and daughters too. They care.

Besides, they get that we have to do something with our anger and our energy or who knows what ugly scene could transpire! It wouldn't be good - that's for sure!...and we need to laugh. We need to have men and their sense of humors keep us sane.

So a big wet pink kiss to all the panthers who give us what we need! Thankyou.

PS: Try and consider Tuesday - 4-7pm, SLO County Gov't Center, Monterey Street as another way to spend "State of the Union" energy. Come on down!

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Raven said...

I agree that it's great having the "panthers" but I disagree that we would be s.o.l. on any of our ideas without them.The women in Code Pink are such an inspiration to me and others,with our wealth of creativity,compassion,outrageousness,strength,wisdom....well I hope you get the picture.
This is 2006 and sista's are doing it for themselves!!!