Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Trudge For Peace

Well, last night we had over 370 people for the Trudge For Peace. The Tribune listed us at 250 people but our counters had us at 370. The television coverage was completely absent last night. We missed Dawn, as she is really good at getting the Press out to see us and I just am not good at talking them into coming out to cover our events. I have the idea that we are newsworthy in our own right and I shouldn't have to talk them into it. Disappointing, and I am sorry for the group that the other folks in our community didn't get to see that there are people willing to take time out of their busy lives to say NO! More War!.

Yes, we are sick and tired of war. Tired of watching our country fall apart at the seams, while we simultaneously tear apart another country; maim and kill their citizens. Yes, we care. Others care too, but we cannot seem to spur them to action. Got any ideas of what it takes to get people up and out? Sometimes I feel discouraged- don't they see what is happening? Iraq gets bloodier and bloodier every day,. Our country is eroding, freedoms are being taken away, money is diverted from people to pay for war and "security". Anyone feel more secure? I certainly don't. I fear for the country my children will grow up and live in-I cannot bear to do nothing.

I applaud those of you who came out! Many for the first time. CodePink got plenty of inquiries into what we do and where we meet. Today Dian added yet more names to our 300+ email list. We will make a difference. We must!

Where do we go from here?
  • Next Meeting: Wednesday March 15th at ECOSLO, corner of Marsh and Nipomo in SLO. Meeting from 7-9:30 pm. We usually meet the 2nd Monday of every month at the same time but a few of us will be gone this Monday so we changed it. We are growing out of ECOSLO! We have 25+ people and the room is really too small. Any ideas on meeting places would be appreciated. We need space for at least 30. I have checked into the SLO City facilities but have not been successful getting the 2 nd Monday at any place they have available.
  • March 16th- There will be a Peace Rally with Nadia McCaffrey of Gold Start Families Speak Out at noon, 1415 State St, in Santa Barbara (bankruptcy and federal courthouse). At 1:30 pm the trial of peace protester MacGregor Eddy, arrested at VAFB will be concluded. This is part of the Voices For Creative Nonviolence Action Winter Protest and part Protest Against the attack on Iraq- 3rd Anniversary of the start of this war. See for more details.
  • Take Action! Did you know that both Feinstein and Boxer voted for the Patriot Act Renewal? Lois Capps did vote against and Bill Thomas for (big surprise!). I am appalled at Ms. Boxer, of all people and the Democrats as a whole. Only 8 or 9 had Democrats had the guts to vote against the Patriot Act! Let them know we are unhappy with those that voted Yes, rubber-stamping the fascism that this administration is bent on enforcing. Let Capps know we appreciate her standing up for our constitutional rights!
  • 3rd Anniversary of the War in Iraq- CodePink will be planning an action on March 18th. The plan is to do a Flash Mob. This takes very little energy on the participants part and is more pwerful with large groups of people. Please consider joining in this action. For more info, email Liz: lcordoba@sbcglobal.
Finally, many of you asked how you can get CodePink wear, buttons, and bumper stickers last night. I will bring some of these items to the next meeting but you can also email me at and we can arrange to get you what you need. We do hope you will join us at our mext meeting as we plan for future actions!

To get on our email list, email Dian at and asked to be added.

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Anonymous said...

It is good to see how many ways we can join together as citizens to make a difference. Isnt it amazing to see how Congress works. They don't work for us, they work for each other. The slap in the face by Feinstein & Boxer on the Patriot Act II makes me believe that it is "us vs. them" - not "Dems vs Repubs" but truly " the people vs. the power". There is something seriously wrong with this picture. Thank you CodePink for shining light into the dark and giving us a place to bring our country into balance.